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compact with texans

Ranger College, nestled in Ranger, TX, has emerged as a beacon of educational excellence. Renowned for its commitment to student success, the institution boasts a diverse array of programs ranging from academic to vocational, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and career paths. With a focus on personalized learning, Ranger College provides students with individualized attention, fostering a supportive environment conducive to academic achievement. Its faculty comprises dedicated professionals who are passionate about imparting knowledge and nurturing talent. Through innovative teaching methodologies, Ranger College equips graduates with the skills and expertise needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Mission Statement
The mission of Ranger College is to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities. 

Our mission is carried out through a clearly defined set of programs and partnerships: 

  • 6+6 Pathways to Success 
  • Continuing education programs 
  • Customized training
  • Developmental courses 
  • Distance education programs 
  • Dual credit programs 
  • Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) 
  • International student program
  • Ranger REACH 
  • Student-Athlete programs 
  • Texas Guided Pathways 
  • TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) 
  • University transfer programs 
  • Upward Bound 
  • Workforce education programs

Ranger College Service Standards

Ranger College implements policies and procedures that are compliant with Federal and State Laws. Policies may be modified at any time to reflect changes set forth by the Board of Regents, Administration, and/or State and Federal laws. Ranger College is not required to notify the public of substantial changes made within the policies and procedures.  

Grievance Procedures

Students who are enrolled in any course at Ranger College who might have a complaint about the course or an experience with Ranger College can follow the College’s standard grievance procedure found in the Ranger College Catalog or Student Handbook. Ranger College desires to resolve student grievances, complaints, and concerns in an expeditious, fair, and amicable manner.

The grievance procedure may be found here on page 44 of the student handbook.


To file an informal complaint please use either of these contacts

The President's Office, Assistant to the President
Shanarya Moton

Dean of Students
Gabe Lewis




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