Office of Business and Financial Services

Ranger College’s Business Office is located in the Welcome Center. We are here to assist students set up payments or payment plans, help with refund options, explain account balances, or answer any other financial questions you have about your Ranger College account.

As well as providing a wide range of services to students, we also serve our Ranger College employees, college departments and external agencies.  We support the mission of Ranger College through fiscal administration and effective financial operations and resources oversight.  

The Business Office consists of the Student Payment Center, Purchasing, Payroll Services, Accounts Payable, Grant Compliance, and Financial Reporting.


Senior Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services/CFO
Mrs. Gaylyn Mendoza
Ranger College
1240 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470
Phone: 254-647-3234, Ext. 7040


Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Increase

Read the Ranger College Tax Notice.

Tax Rates


Request for Proposals:

RFP 2023-24-004 Construction of a Multi-Purpose Facilitiy 

Addendum #01 Completion Deadline

Questions and Responses

  Submittal Deadline: June 12, 2024 2:00 CST

Architect Plans

Mechanical Engineering Plans:

   E-1 Lighting - Floor Plan

   E-2 Power - Floor Plan

   E-3 Details

   E-4 Details

   E-5 Detail and Notes

   E-6 Schedules

   M-1 HVAC Floor Plan

   M-2 HVAC Details

   M-3 HVAC Details

   M-4 HVAC Notes

   M-5 HVAC Schedules

   P-1 Floor Plan

   P-2 Floor Plan

   P-3 Details

   P-4 Details, Notes, and Schedules



Mrs. Gaylyn Mendoza

Senior Vice President for Financial and Administrative Services / CFO
Ranger College
1240 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470
Phone: 254-647-3234, Ext. 7040

Check Runs

Accounts Payable is responsible for ensuring invoices are processed and paid weekly. Items must be received at least two (2) business days prior to the date of the check run.

Invoice Processing

For prompt attention, all invoices should be directed to Accounts Payable at the following:


Ranger College
Attn: Accounts Payable
1240 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470

The invoice should contain a complete itemization of delivered goods and/or services, the total amount due, invoice number, invoice date, the designated project number, if applicable, and RC’s purchase order number. All payments for goods or services under this Contract shall be made in compliance with Texas Government Code 2551.

Payroll Services processes employee compensation. These services include:

  • Tracking hours worked
  • Calculating pay for the faculty, staff, and student workers
  • Distributing payments via direct deposit
  • Generates financial and retirement reports
  • Performs accounting functions to record wages, overtime, benefit pay, period activity pay, and taxes withheld.

Resources for RC Employees

Bus Driver Form
Employee Portal Instructions 
Employee Portal (on campus)
Employee Portal (off campus)
Out of State Employment
W-4 Form


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