International Students


Ranger College enrolls students from all over the world. The college’s international student population averages around 60 during a regular long semester. Currently Ranger College enrolls international students on the Ranger Campus and Erath County Center, with the intent to add the Brown County Center in the near future.

For any questions or concerns regarding the international student admission process students can contact the Registrar’s Office at (254) 267-7019, or via the contact information contained in the International Student Application Packet.

We recommend that potential and current international students become familiar with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website devoted to international students

Contact Us

Registrar/Dean of Enrollment Management

Ranger College
1100 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470

Phone: (254) 267-7019

International student requesting to transfer in to Ranger College from any other college or university must first complete the Transfer-In Form in addition to the normal admission documents described in the International Student Application Packet. The student will complete the top portion of the form, send it to the international advisor (DSO) at the school that currently holds their SEVIS record then that school will complete the remainder of the form and submit it to the Registrar. This form along with an official transcript from all other colleges and/or universities attended is required to be fully accepted as a student.

In order for an International student to transfer from Ranger College to another college or university an acceptance letter from that school must be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. Once received, the DSO or PDSO will transfer the student’s SEVIS record to the receiving school within 24 hours. If the acceptance letter is submitted to the Registrar’s Office during a semester, the student’s SEVIS record will not be sent until the final grades for that semester are received. It is highly recommended that the student requests an official transcript through Campus Connect be sent to the receiving school before and after the end of their final semester.


Admission Process

The application packet is an extremely important document that explains in detail the documents that must be on file before a student can be accepted. All documents must be submitted in their entirety for the student to be fully accepted.

Once all documents have been received by the Registrar’s Office, the Registrar will create the student’s I-20 and Acceptance Letter which will be sent via FedEx envelope to the student’s foreign address. Copies of the I-20 cannot be sent electronically, students are expected to have their original I-20 at the embassy appointment and at the point of entry to the country. See more information regarding the Form I-20 below.

When the I-20 is received, the student will then be able to apply for an appointment at their country’s US embassy. Students must pay the visa application fee before the interview. For more information and tips for the embassy interview process see the DHS website here.

Before the US Department of State will issue a visa an I-901 fee must be paid. More information about the I-901 fee can be found here and here.

If the international student is an athlete, they should contact their coach or team sponsor to arrange a pickup time and travel to campus. If the student is not an athlete, they need to contact the Registrar no later than one week before arriving in order to arrange a pick up location and time. If college personnel are not contacted in the appropriate amount of time to arrange a pick up, the student is expected to find their own way to campus.

Ranger College offers multiple ways for International students to pay their tuition and fees. For more information about payment options, check the Payment Options site. * Be sure to note the student’s name somewhere on the payment to ensure it is credited to the correct account.*

Cashier’s check: A cashier’s check can be mailed to the address below.

Ranger College
Attn: Bursar’s Office
1240 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470

Over phone: Students can pay over the phone with a credit/debit card at (254)267-7042.

Direct wire: Students can send a direct wire from their bank account to the college’s account using instructions below.

Intermediary Bank (Swift Line 56):  First Financial Bank

Intermediary SWIFT Code:  FITEUS41

Beneficiary Bank (Swift Line 57): First Financial Bank

Beneficiary Bank ABA (Included //FW):   //FW111301122

Beneficiary Bank Address: 201 East Main, Eastland, TX 76448

Beneficiary Name (Swift Line 59): Ranger College

Beneficiary Account: 33010002675

For Further Credit (Swift Line 72): Student’s Last Name

  1. International student’s first stop should be checking in with the Registrar’s Office. Student’s need to bring their stamped F-1 Visa and a copy of their I-94. Ranger College is required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to keep a copy of these records on file.
  2. Application Once students check in, they will be assigned a student ID number. Students will use this ID number and complete the student application so that their demographic information will be imported into our college wide student information system.
  3. Once the application is submitted the student will need to test with the TSI test (unless otherwise exempt, see testing site) to assess their college readiness. This is a test required by the State of Texas that determines a student’s knowledge and skills in regards to Reading, Writing and Math.
  4. After completing the test, the Registrar’s Office will enter the scores and the student will then be ready to meet with an advisor and register for classes.

  1. Form I-20: The Form I-20 is an important document that should be kept safe. Students will use this document when entering, leaving and re-entering the country. When leaving the country over a holiday break or anytime throughout a student program, the DSO or PDSO must give the student permission to leave the country and re-enter by signing the second page of the I-20. More information regarding the Form I-20 can be found here.
  2. Proof of Residency: Some students choose to get a State of Texas Driver’s License. In order to get this a student must have proof that they reside (live) in Texas. This can be requested through the Registrar’s Office. It can usually be created in less than 24 hours.
  3. Working on an F-1 Visa: At times, international students have a need to work on or off campus. There are different requirements for each situation. Students can work on-campus without approval from DHS as long as the work is student service oriented and approved by the Primary Designated School Officer (PDSO). Students can also work off-campus with approval of DHS. For specific information regarding working on an F-1 Visa, contact the Registrar’s Office, see the form on this site titled “Permission for Employment” or visit the DHS website here.



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