[Ranger, TX, April 9, 2024] — Ranger College President Derrick Worrels, Senior Vice President of Instruction Dr. Dayna Prochaska, and Vice President of Institutional Advancement Dr. Lindy Matthews joined forces with Coastal Bend College President Justin Hoggard and Dr. Kristina Flores from the Texas Success Center to present a collaborative session at the annual American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Convention. The informative session focused on addressing student basic needs in Texas and explored strategies to support students in overcoming barriers to academic success. The AACC Convention, held in Louisville, Kentucky, brought together community college leaders, educators, and stakeholders from across the nation to discuss innovative approaches and best practices in higher education. The session led by the Ranger College team, the Coastal Bend President, and Dr. Kristina Flores from the Texas Success Center highlighted the importance of supporting students' basic needs, such as food security, housing stability, and access to resources that foster overall well-being. President Derrick Worrels emphasized the college's commitment to creating a supportive environment where all students, faculty, and staff can thrive academically and personally. "At Ranger College, we understand that addressing students' basic needs is essential to their success. By collaborating with organizations like the Texas Success Center, we can implement effective strategies that improve student outcomes and create a more inclusive campus community," said President Worrels. Dr. Dayna Prochaska shared insights on innovative instructional approaches that integrate support services to help students overcome obstacles outside the classroom. "By incorporating holistic support services into our educational programs, we can empower students to focus on their studies without the burden of unmet basic needs. This approach not only enhances student retention and completion rates but also cultivates a culture of care and support within our institution," stated Dr. Prochaska. Dr. Lindy Matthews, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, highlighted the significance of partnerships and collaborations in addressing student basic needs. "Building strong partnerships with organizations like the Texas Success Center allows us to leverage resources and expertise to better serve our students. Together, we can implement sustainable solutions that make a real difference in students' lives and contribute to their overall success," said Dr. Matthews. The presentation by Ranger College leadership, Coastal Bend College President, and Dr. Kristina Flores from the Texas Success Center at the AACC Convention underscored the importance of a comprehensive approach to supporting students' basic needs and promoting student success in the community college setting. 

For more information about Ranger College and its initiatives to address student basic needs, please visit rangercollege.edu. 


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