In a remarkable act of generosity and support for future nursing professionals, the Ranger College Nursing Program is honored to announce a substantial endowment of $84,000 bequeathed by the late Barbara McKeage. This legacy gift was graciously presented by Jennifer Montgomery on behalf of Ms. McKeage, whose commitment to healthcare education has now been memorialized through her contribution.
Barbara McKeage, a long-time advocate for quality healthcare and education, believed in the transformative power of nurses in our community. Her decision to leave such a significant sum to the Ranger College Nursing Program reflects her deep conviction that well-trained nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.
“The endowment from Barbara McKeage will profoundly enhance our scholarship offerings, providing a perpetual source of essential financial assistance to our nursing students. This targeted support is designed to not only enable them to complete their education but to emerge as standout professionals in the nursing community,” said Dr. Sandra Lee, Dean of Allied Health at Ranger College.
Jennifer Montgomery, a close friend, and representative of Ms. McKeage’s estate, shared touching words during the presentation ceremony, highlighting Barbara’s passionate belief in empowerment through education. “Mrs. Barb got her start in nursing later in life. She believed that knowledge was a gift that no one could take away from you. By endowing this gift to the Ranger College Nursing Program, she extends this belief beyond her lifetime, offering countless students the gift of knowledge.”
The Ranger College Board of Trustees, the faculty, and the students extend their deepest gratitude to Mrs. McKeage for her foresight and generosity. The donation will be stewarded to ensure that the Nursing Program continues to develop highly skilled healthcare professionals ready to serve our communities with safe, quality nursing care.
Pictured back row left to right: Ashleigh Medina, Cheryl Hunter, Sandra Lee, Jennifer Montgomery, Dayna Prochaska, and Vicki Calfa
For more information about the Ranger College Nursing Program and the impact of Barbara McKeage’s endowment, please contact the Ranger College Nursing Program at email
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